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Please feel free to use and quote any of these resources under a creative commons licence by giving full attributes to the generous creators

Here are some of the core principles, processes, methods, design architecture and inspiration for my work (and life actually). A good place to start is the Art of Hosting where you can find a whole load of resources, videos, connections and ideas about participatory hosting practice, collaboration, system transformation, collective sense making and harvesting... and much more.

Great guides to creating conversation space: tools & process design   

Some stories of large scale systemic change built on principles of hosting participation and dialogue  

World Cafe:  Interaction, dialogue and cross pollination of ideas to surface the collective wisdom of large groups of diverse people.

Open Space:  The fastest most elegant self organised way for a diverse group of people to go to work on what really matters to them.

Appreciative InquiryMoves us from stuck problems of 'what is' towards fresh possibilities of 'what could be' by seeking out strengths, assets and life giving features.

Circle: Ancient meeting form to share stories, invite deep listening, creative problem solving and diverse thinking.

Storytelling Harvesting: Enables us to see more together and then deeply connect and learn from our real lived experiences.

Design for Wiser Action: A powerful process to design events, projects, gatherings - an opportunity to ask for help and the rest of us an opportunity to practice both design and generosity.

Pro Action Cafe: A collective innovative method for going to work on our projects and ideas, using the collective intelligence and wisdom of all participants.

Harvesting: Making sense of and meaning of our work and feeding forward results in the form of grahic maps, reports, photos, newsletters, new insights and relationships.

Core conversation proccess I work with and love   

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