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My work

Designing meetings, conferences gatherings, team days and community conversations

Bringing meeting spaces to life by engaging with the potential and strategic ‘realness’ that is present in the room. Helping to move the focus from ‘experts on the podium’ to a more participative ‘all voices are heard and everyone knows a piece of what’s needed’ approach. Opening space for diverse stakeholders to have the conversations they need in order to move forward, especially where there are real challenges or conflicts to be faced and real work to be done together.

Coaching Mentoring and supporting personal and professional development

As a coach, I will witness, enquire, reflect and probe as you step up and step forward into the work that you already know you truly want to do. After four decades of work in the fields of personal and group transformation and hosting, my stepping up is done. Now I hold a space of deep belief and care for your own readiness to live into your true work.


As a mentor, I will support, direct and guide you in your professional evolution. Drawing on several decades of experience designing and hosting transformational and strategic group processes, I will share with you what I know, as well as drawing out your own knowing of what is needed.


My work as a coach and mentor is influenced and informed by: 
Gestalt psychotherapy and counsellingprocess work and systemic constellations

 "Linda is one of the most solid process hosts I have had the privilege to work with. The bigger the group, the more at ease she gets. When the field starts to rock, she keeps her ground and brings her balance to the team holding it. She can navigate any context. She has a gift for nurturing relationships with a rare sense of respect and confidentiality." 

- Matthieu Kleinschmager,
In-House Consultant at the European Commission 

Training in Art of Hosting and the Art of Participatory Leadership

In partnership with a wide network of colleagues, I offer training in hosting and harvesting conversations and participative meeting design. Exploring and applying frameworks, world views, theories of change, personal leadership practices and methods such as open space, world café, circle practice, appreciative inquiry. 

Long term change and system transformation 

Co-creating clarity of purpose, principles, route maps and strategy. Building strong relationships and vibrant partnerships. Designing and prototyping new ways forward and solid action plans that stick. Working with complexity and daring to stay longer in the emergent space of 'not knowing' rather than rushing to formulate plans likely to be cast in familiar and limiting ways.

Crafting retreats, learning experiences and personal reflection spaces

"Quite Frankly one of the most successful consultations we have ever had."  

Jo Ireland, Partnership manager Scarborough Borough Council. 

Whether one to one coaching and mentoring or in a group, this is time to slow down, step back from the busyness of ‘doing’ and enquire into what we believe is truly important in relation to what the world asks of us. Giving focus space and attention to the inner journeys of change makers.

Some of the people and organisations I have worked with:

Art of Participatory Leadership Trainings:  European Commission: European Parliament: Council of Europe

Armley Community Cohesion Pilot: Community day of Open Space to explore possible new projects in the local area.

Bla Bla Theatre Company: Team building and creative visioning for the future.

Bolton Public Health Team: Three community events consulting local people about a new project for elderly people.

Capacity Builders: Strategic handover process from a UK Government programme.

Carers UK: Strategic management team planning day.

Caritas Kenya: Design and hosting of a three day participative conference to enable pastoralists to continue their authentic way of life in Northern Kenya.

Diabetes UK: Strategic management team planning days.

Communication Directorate, European Commission: Design and hosting of two day multi-stakeholder consultations for 'Europe for Citizens'.

Dales Transport Group: Partnership consortia of regional transport groups to design a future rural transport service in North Yorkshire.

Directory of Social Change: Art of Hosting training.

DG MOVE  European Commission: Bringing together transport providers from across Europe to design a more coherent, collaborative and joined-up transport system for Europe.

Digital Futures European Commission: Citizen consultation workshops across Europe on the future of digital technology.

European Council:  Strategic Managers training in participation 

European Commission: Citizens Dialogue on the future of Europe

European Direct Information Centres EDICS,  European Commission:

Bringing together a new generation of 700 EDICs, hosting conversations about the future direction of their work (Brussels and Sofia) 

Environmental Funders Network: Leadership retreat 

Festivals Edinburgh: Partnership planning and brokerage between all the major festival providers in Edinburgh.

Finance Innovation Lab UK: Start up network of innovative collaborators for an alternative financial system that serves people and planet.

Federation of Community Development: Training in facilitation and team away days.

Foundation Housing: Appreciative Inquiry training, team building, away days and staff consultations.

Futurebuilders: Research into grant making for the Third Sector.

GROW Your Region, EU Commission: Business cluster conference using Open Space for conversation about potential partnerships for 400 participants from 28 countries.

Harrogate Borough Council: Whole system design of a new vision and mission, planning consultation and Local Strategic Partnership planning. 

JDC: European Jewish Leadership Conference

Joint Research Council, European Commission: A year long scenario planning process on the future of healthy food and healthy diets.  

Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust: Organisational restructure.

Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust: Sustainable Development Network 

Kings College Student Union: Executive team handover, senior management retreat and planning sessions.

Leeds University Union: New Trustee Board and Exec team planning.

Leeds Asylum Seekers Network: Team away day and visioning.

Left Bank Arts Centre: Team building and strategic planning.

Living Wholeness Institute: Retreats and Immersions - deep dives into systemic and personal transformation.

Locality: Art of Hosting and Harvesting training - two year training process for the Community Organising Inspiration Network.

Love 146: Partnership brokerage for agencies dealing with child trafficking.

Morecambe Bay CCG: Building a social movement for health and wellbeing  

National Council for Voluntary Organisations: Development of Membership Assembly - whole organisation planning.

North Yorkshire Homes: Team strategic planning.

Scarborough Borough Council Local Strategic Partnership: Partnership development and strategic planning.

SCOPE UK: Visioning consultation and forward planning.

Telling the Story, EU Commission: Bringing together four Directorates of the European Commission to communicate successful stories of European Structural Funding.

Together for Peace: Jewish-Muslim dialogue group and learning journey to Israel Palestine.

Well Women Centre: Service redesign, a series of meetings between staff and trustees.

Wisdom Calls: a year long programme offering three weekend retreat spaces to find life’s 'calling 'and relationship to Leeds.

World Health Organisation: Coalition of partners on public health. Supporting the development of the Institute of Public Health Ukraine 

Your Europe Your Say, European Economic and Social Committee: Bringing together young people from 28 countries to develop new policy initiatives for Europe.

Yorkshire and Humber Regional Assembly: Scrutiny Committee creative consultation.

"Linda is very astute and perceptive, she understood our organisation and our needs and her work was effective enjoyable and inclusive.  We all learnt a lot and came away with more clarity about where we were all headed. Definitely one to be recommended!"

- Annie Mc Dowell:  CEO Share Community Trust

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