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"You have an ability to ask the questions that blow away all the cobwebs."

Bryan Swanson:

Legal Aid Board England

linda joy mitchell

I am a group process designer, a facilitator, coach, artist and a host of spaces, meetings and gatherings where people come together.
A collaborator at heart and a connector of people and ideas, I am a teacher of living systems, participatory leadership and citizen engagement. I costeward the 
Art of Hosting. I'm an avid learner and a wise old owl who has been round the block a few times and knows a thing or two!

With over 30 years experience of working with people, teams, communities and organisations, and an understanding of the environmental and strategic policy contexts that we operate in today, my work is to take care of and hold the purpose and the process, the ways in which people come together in cooperative exploratory dialogue.


I also witness and support personal and professional transformations, coaching individuals who find themselves at a threshold, ready to step forward into what they already know they were born to do. Supporting, guiding, and challenging, accompanying you as you clear the obstacles and take the last few steps into your full potential. 


I am fascinated by ‘field theory'and its application. I have a background in law, facilitation, psychotherapy, group work and systemic constellations. I am a solid and dependable anchor with an ability to hold enormous space for new potential to come through.


I work in close collaboration with a network of co-creators to design and offer training in the Art of Hosting and Participative Leadership. I advise on and host strategic consultations and public conversations and I have also crafted and hosted learning journeys and more personal retreat spaces for deeper dives into the ‘why and the how’ of life and purposeful work. I have worked with a very broad spectrum of people and contexts from strategic management teams in the European Commission to grass roots community development and social change activists in the UK including hosting intimate teams of as few as six people to multi-stakeholder conferences of 700.


European Parliament Youth and Civil Society Network
Bring out the Youth Vote

November 2023 

With Maria Scordialos : Valerie Menelec : Jon Dorsett 



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