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Linda Joy Mitchell





How shall we face the challenges of our time?

Real as they are, the greatest challenge of our times is not economic uncertainty, environmental collapse or even the scale of community fragmentation. It is how we can meet and work together across our diversity to overcome these challenges and come up with new ways forward.

Traditional ways of leading and organising are no longer enough. Trapped in silos we don't seem to know how to share the knowledge and wisdom that exists in ourselves, our organisations, teams and communities. Knee deep in 'doing' we fail to notice opportunities that could create lasting change.

When times are tough or complex or there are important decisions to be made, a creative group process designed for the emergence of new perspectives can make a world of difference. 

work invites safe and authentic listening, generative conversation, collective sense and collaborative decision making. It is the quality of the connection between people with diverse agendas and ideas, the ability to find shared purpose, shared work and a mind and heart shift in how we approach our solutions that is central to working better together.


If the group is an art form of the future, then convening groups is an artistry we must cultivate to fully harvest the promise of the future. 

We cannot confront this tangled world alone… we have no choice but to think together, ponder together, in groups and communities. 

- Jacob Needleman, Centered on the Edge

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linda joy mitchell

I am a group process designer, a facilitator, coach, artist and a host of spaces, meetings and gatherings where people come together. A collaborator at heart and a connector of people and ideas, I am a teacher of living systems, participatory leadership and citizen engagement. I co steward the Art of Hosting. I'm an avid learner and a wise old owl who has been round the block a few times and knows a thing or two!

The heart of transformative social change is the intimate connection between the outer work of strategising, organising and campaigning and the inner work of who we are as human beings.


- Robert Glass


European Parliament Youth and Civil Society Network
Bring out the Youth Vote

November 2023 

With Maria Scordialos : Valerie Menelec : Jon Dorsett 



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